5 Budget-Friendly DIY Design Ideas to Make-over Your Kid’s Room

Home is where love is. Every room in our home has our heart and soul connected to it. But our kid’s room is special because it holds the dream of us and them. A dreamy space is what every kid wishes for.

Cartoon character bedding, colorful toys, lively books, and cute study tables characterize a kid’s territory. We fill their room with their favorite stuff from stores. But have we ever thought of customizing their space with our own ideas and handmade? We can revamp their area with Do It Yourself (DIY) tricks and tips. We can even redesign our kid’s rooms in their favorite themes like Peppa Pig or Dora using simple things.

Why Do It Yourself (DIY) Rooms?

Buying all those cute and shiny merchandise that targets “children” often tightens our necks as they usually are priced double. Yet we cannot neglect to buy it when your little one loves it ardently and wants it. Sometimes we could neither bargain with the seller nor convince the child and end up buying them! But decorating your child’s room in these easy-peasy methods is not only economical but also engages your child for a quiet long time. With some arts & crafts supplies like color sheets, pom-poms, ice cream popsicle sticks, glue and etc…, we can easily make lots of craft designs and garnish our little cub’s space affordably. 

With no wait, let us jump into the pool of ideas.

Themed Bedding and Room

You can paint simple doodles of your child’s favorite cartoon character on the sides and headrests of their cots. The cartoon cut-outs are available in stores you can buy them and spray paint on the sides of cots and walls or hire a professional artist to paint.  Your kids would love this adorable idea and it would be light on your pockets too. Yay! A win-win! Once your child’s favorite cartoon is painted on the cot and walls, a bedding set of pillow covers, bedspreads, and comforters, the room décor and wall stickers can be matched with the same theme. You can paint or paste the same theme stickers on furniture like ceiling fans and wardrobe doors. It will complete their room.

When investing in kids’ wardrobe and cot, we need to make sure that it has additional features like storage under the cot and a pull-along board behind the headrest. The pull-along board can be glued with a glass panel or whiteboard with light to write using temporary markers and erase the same. Gluing a metal sheet on the board will let them stick their favorite badges and magnets on it.

Study table

This is one of my personal favorites. All we need is a table. It is perfect if it is wooden, even an old one would suffice. Always age-old wooden furniture holds a special place in our homes and heart. Decorate the wood table by painting your favorite art form on it. It may be Mandala art, geometric shapes, warli arts, or any modern painting. You can also draw your kid’s favorite cartoon and paint it. 

For metal tables, collect your child’s photos and paste them in chronological order. Cover the table with thin transparent lamination sheets to secure the photos. You can also add on various stickers and a few pom hangings under the table to make the table more attractive. Let the table dry and place it preferably near the window which lets in light.

Toy Shelf/Book Shelf

The toughest to organize in kid’s room is their toys especially sorting those small pieces of Legos that need awards. Unorganized toys are less used by the child. Creating your own toy organizer is made easy now. Group similar toys and make piles of soft toys, building blocks, pretend play sets, sorting and assembling toys, board games and etc… Place each group in a different cardboard box. Recycle the gift wrappers and paper bags by wrapping them up around the cardboard boxes. Tada! The toy boxes are ready.

You can even design a toy rack with plywood boards. Cut them in slabs in the required measurements and count. You can get them cut even in the shops that sell the boards. Paint, glue, and mount them to your wall. Let your kid decorate it. Once the shelves are dry, place the cardboard toy boxes. 

This will definitely be a lot cheaper than the store-bought toy racks. It can also be used as a bookshelf.

Prop Ideas

  • Place indoor plants like jade plants, money plants, and succulents that provide positivity and serenity.
  • The traditional lamps will make the room lively. It can be placed over the study table or in any corner of the book or toy shelf. 
  • Design simple pen stands by gluing Popsicle sticks together. You can decorate it by painting with bright colors, pasting art papers, and embellishing.
  • Glue-painted wooden blocks in hexagons to make bee hive wall shelves to place small toy figurines and table clocks. You can mount them on the wall. It will brighten up the room and service in organizing. 
  • Simple beadwork combed in a colorful string can be hung at different heights as window curtains. You can add cartoon charms here and there to make it cute.

Eco-friendly Decorations

Repurpose jute bags and old bed comforters as Jute letter organizers or fabric letter organizers to file the report cards and child’s medical documents. You can teach knitting to your children by engaging them while knitting small hanging woolen pockets in colorful yarn. It can be hung from the study table to hold stationeries like scissors, glue, crayons, oil pastels, and colored pencils. Painted Glass Decors is also a great repurpose and revamp idea in which children can be involved. Paint the glass window and wardrobe glass doors with the child’s favorite cartoon characters. 

We can also invest in canvas boards and start acrylic paintings in them with our little wonder. We can paint fruits, vehicles, birds, maps, and personalities with our kids which will be useful for them to learn and would be an eye catchy showpiece. You can also make clay wind chimes and dream catchers using bird feathers.

Having discussed a lot on your child’s room ideas, jump into their fantasy world with no delay and make their dream come true!! After all, you are their inspiration.