150 Unique, Modern and Pure Tamil Girl Baby Names

Naming our future generations! Our lovely babies! Giving an identity to the bundle of joy in our arms is indeed a happy moment. The name personifies the parents’ deep love and cares for the baby. For your symbol of love, coin a name that will stand in time.

Tamil is one of the oldest languages still in existence and is widespread in usage. The abundant literature, grammar, and cultural history depict its versatility, greatness, and multifaceted expressions. Tamil research scholars say that for many ancient merchants and navigators, Tamil sailors helped to explore the world. Even Christopher Columbus a Tamil Sailor has been said to take him to America. Tamil people have been well versed in many fields such as their intelligence and skill.  

Let your daughter carry a name with historic greatness and majestic literature.

Aadhila One who is honest in nature
Aadharsini One who is idealistic in approach and behavior
Aadhini One who is the beginning of the crew around 
Aaditri One who is so powerful like a mountain
Aadyantha The beginning and the end
Aara One who brings light
Aaradhana One who is capable of being worshipped
Aathina Goddess Of Wisdom One who has practical skills and prudent Warfare. 
Aathvika An artistic person, an administrator who is unique and matchless. An ambitious person indeed.
Aathuri  One who gives shelter to others
Aathika A Heavenly woman, who has no beginning. Dignified women. A symbol of ecstasy
Aathmika, Aathmi Spiritual person. Related to the soul. Determined and independent, Born leaders headed for success. 
Aathirai A character in Manimegalai literature is the first person to offer food to Manimegalai. She quenched the unending hunger from the ‘Amudha Surabhi. A Lightning
Adithi Mother of the gods. Free and unbounded person
Agalvizhi One who has broad beautiful eyes
Aiyai Chola Princess, daughter of King Thithan
Amali Prosperity
Amizhthini Sweet Person
Amudhini One who gives an elixir to live. This depicts the sacredness and wellness of the divine elixir. It denotes the baby will have such a divine power and also shower the same on the well-wishers
Anangavi Daughter of the great paari who ruled Parambu Nadu, before the end of Sangam era
Anbini One with lots of love
Andril A bird
Anika Brilliance of stone, graceful, name of goddess Parvati
Anitra Gracious
Ankavi/ Angavi Daughter of King paari
Athulya An active person, incomparable in nature. Unweighable by character.
Arputha Wonderful
Arumbu Flower Bud
Aruvi One that is clear like a waterfall, seawall 
Avanthika Princess of Ujjain
Avira Bright like moon
Avvai A mother, one who takes care of like a mother
Ayini, Ayani One who grants food
Bharuni Diligent and preserverant
Bhumi Earth
Chaarvi One who is astonishingly beautiful 
Cinthiya The goddess of the hunt and the moon
Devasena Army of Deities
Dhanya Name of Goddess Lakshmi
Dhiya One who brings light, and brightness to life
Ezhil One who is beautiful, young, energetic, strong, and vibrant 
Gargi Gargi Vachaknavi – Prominent woman of ancient India who signified woman’s education and freedom
Granthana Book (or )who have good communication
Idhaya One who has a divine heart like goddess Parvati 
Idhalya Rose petals
Ilamathi One whose beauty resembles Crescent 
Ilanila Young moon
Imaya Eyelids
Imizhvi Sweet and beautiful
Iniya Sweetest person
Iniyazh Sweet like Harp
Inmathi One who is as sweet and cold as a moon. 
Inba One who has the care and love as her character  
Innisai The music which provides pleasure to the soul
Ivanam/Ivana Rare Paddy is grown in mountains, Rare
Kaarkuzhal One who has dark black hair
Kaarmughil One who is as good as dark clouds which give rain to everyone
Kamali One who is a protector of surroundings and acts as a spirit guide
Kamalini A lotus plant, A pond fill with lotuses. A Beautiful and Auspicious person indeed
Kanali Sun, Fire
Kanidha One who is sweet like a fruit, and knowledgeable
Kannila One who has eyes like the moon
Kantharuvi From Kandharuvadhaththai of Seevagasinthamani
Kavika One who has the ability to be Poetess
Kavin Beauty
Kavinaya One who Shows Interest in Writing Poems”
Kayal A name of a fish referred usually to the beautiful eyes of a girl
Kayra Peace
Keerthi One who always blessed to have victory
Kesana One who has long black hair
Kodhai A beautiful girl
Kotravai Goddess of Victory
Kundhavai A great woman who was the elder sister of Rajaraja Chola, the great. Who took part in all the advisory councils of the Chola dynasty in all aspects like a battle, people concerns, politics, etc
Kuzhali One who has beautiful hair
Laya Rhythm
Liyana Soft
Madhivathani One who looks like the moon
Madhurika One who is a sweet person indeed
Magizhini One who is joyful and makes others joyful
Magizhvarthini One who restores joy, and happiness as the body and soul
Maithra Friendly
Maiya Little girl
Malarthini  One who is like an attractive flower
Mayla, Maylaanjchi Henna
Meghana One who resembles clouds
Mellina One who is very soft
Mennila Soft moon
Menpa Sweet Song
Mirnalini Name of Goddess Lakshmi
Mithila Seetha, the wife of Rama, sweetest person
Mithura The Softest person
Mozhi One who is as essential as a language to convey, and express the thoughts
Mugizha One who is like a cloud
Mulari Lotus
Mullai One who flourishes the fragrance of jasmine in life
Mughai Bud
Myvizhi One with beautiful Kajaloed Eyes.
Naamagal One who is well-versed in speech
Naniithazh One who has charming lips
Natchathra One who is as bright as a star
Nalina One who is very expressive in nature
Narumughai Fragranced flower bud
Needhika One who is the epitome of truth
Neenithi Growing wealth
Nesika Loved
Nidhi One who is a  treasure to life
Nila Moon
Nilaani, Nilaanika One who resembles an enchanted moon 
Nirali Orderly
Nithila One who is beautiful like a pearl
Oviya One who is like a beautiful painting, Art, A beautiful drawing
Poovai One who is as soft and fragrant as a flower. Flowery
Paavai A woman of high social position or economic class
Panimalar Flower with dew drops
Panini World’s first grammarian from India
Poongundra Seeker of wisdom
Pranalini Goddess who represents the breath of life
Parithini  The Sun, circle. One who is as full and pure as the sun
Raaga Music
Rathi Beautiful Maiden
Raya Queen
Rithi Kind
Saadhika One who is an achiever by birth, the name of goddess Durga
Saaral Drizzle
Sanmathi Mild moonlight
Satvika One who is true and virtuous 
Shenba One who is as glorious as the flower champak
Sivika Palanquin
Sirpa One like Sculpture
Suganthini One who has a pleasant fragrance around 
Sugirtha One who is lucky by birth
Thamarai One who is as soft and vibrant as a lotus
Tamizhamudhu One who is the elixir for life who is speaking the oldest language
Thalir Tender Leaf
Tharunika, Tharuni One who is beautiful and youthful. Name of goddess Lakshmi
Thogai One who has beauty like feathers of a bird
Thulir Bud
Thurika Fast
Umaiyal One who is the replica of goddess Parvati looks elegant as a peacock feather
Urmi Wave
Usitha Sharp
Vaidumbi, Vaidumba The birthplace of the most beautiful Chola queen, Kalyani who was the grandmother of Raja Raja Cholan or Ponniyin Selvan
Vanji A reference to a woman; the goddess of virtue.
Vanya Goddess of Forest
Veeya Perfect
Vembu One who is as scared as a Neem tree
Venba One who is as sweet and informative as a poem with 2 lines just 7 words
Venmathi One who is as bright as the full moon
Vizhi One who is as indispensable as eyes
Yazh Harp
Yaazhisai One who talks as nicely as the music produced by a harp
Yuvathi Young woman
Yuvedhika One who is the world of consciousness


The name denotes the eternal glory we wish our babies to attain. Only the Tamil people use to name their future generations with the proficient language “Tamil” as predecessor like Tamizharasan, Tamizharasi, Tamizhini, Tamizhamudhu, Tamizh isai or in successor like Isai Tamizh and etc… in their names. With an incredible language with many unique features of “Zhagaram”, “Pun” etc…, name your daughter with such a proud legacy.