12 Space Efficient Furniture and Design Ideas for Small Kid’s Rooms

In today’s growing population, space is a challenging factor. Kid’s rooms are the most shrunk spaces, making it difficult to organize and keep them clean. Kids’ rooms are always messy. It’s almost an unwritten rule in every house! How much ever we clean up, it magically always goes back to the same old messy state in just a few hours. 

With lesser space, organizing their rooms becomes a cumbersome task with kids’ things ending up as clumsy piles on shelves or on the floor. But with these design ideas, if space is used efficiently, you can maximize your kid’s space. Most of us love furniture that is multipurpose, ergonomic, eco-friendly, and economical. Here are some ideas for organizing your kid’s room using such items.

1. Storage Beds

This is the easiest way to keep the kid’s room tidy and organized. A storage bed can be used to store bed sheets, pillow covers or winter dresses, or kids’ footwear. You can even organize their toys in them. This will save up a lot of space and will also interest the kids to arrange their things. They are readily available in the market but can also be custom-made to suit your storage necessity.

There are a lot of options for storage beds these days and for kids, they even come with cartoons in unique shapes. It is not only useful but also enhances the look of the room.

2. Bunk and Trundle Beds

trundle bedsWhen you have more than one kid, it is better to opt for a Bunk bed in order to save space in the kid’s room. There are various versions made of wood and metal to choose from. 

Kids will love bunk beds, as it gives them private space as well as a way to be near each other. Climbing and playing make bunk beds fun for the kids. They also come with storage space making them fully efficient in space restraints living spaces.

A Trundle bed is a pull-out type bed under a bed that can be pulled and used when necessary. So in the daytime, they can push them to the wall and use the top bed as a sofa and at night can pull out the trundle bed. These beds save more wall space and floor space.

3. Bookshelf Beds

This bed is just another variation of a storage bed just that it has open shelves too, to organize and keep your kids’ books in it. The bookshelves are either placed on the top, side or under the cot. So it can be chosen according to the room height or other such factors.

4. Foldable Wardrobes

Foldable wardrobes are the best options for less-spaced kids’ rooms. They are also efficient while moving from one house to another. Kids soon outgrow their clothes, so from their infancy till pre-teens, it is better to have a limited number of clothes and footwear. It is better to invest in a huge wooden wardrobe when they are in their teenage till then these foldable wardrobes will be simple and space efficient. These wardrobes are inexpensive too.

Foldable and eco-friendly wardrobes are now available for kids in many shops and online shopping portals at competitive prices. You can choose the color and the design of it based on your liking or your kid’s likes.

5. Foldable Hanging Storage

fordable hanging wardrobeVertical storage is better when it comes to saving space and making a room look more spacious. It is better to go for a vertical hanging rack to organize your kid’s toys and books which can be folded and kept if not in use. These free up the floor space making lots of room for id’s play activities. Also, the light weightiness makes it easy to move and clean.

6. Multipurpose Storage Boxes

Multi-utilizing is an efficient way to use the space available. These multi-purpose storage boxes can be used to store things and can also be used as a footrest or a small table/stool for kids. They can also be folded and kept, when not in use. Even when stored things can be used and kept under cots maximizing the rooms.

These kinds of storage boxes are nowadays made out of fabric making them eco-friendly and inexpensive. You can store all your kid’s toys in these boxes neatly and keep the room spic and span.

7. Hanging Wooden Rope Shelves

These wooden shelves are easy on the pocket and on the eye as well. They are sturdy so can be used to keep books and instruments. This will make the room look classy as well as make it spacious. As it is wooden, this will give a very rustic look to the kid’s room. You can also use them to hang small potted plants or keep the kid’s toys out of reach. Decorating it more by hanging fairy/rice lights will make their rooms magical.

8. Wall-mounted Wooden Shelves

These are very modern and chic-looking shelves and you can put them up as you, please. These can be used to keep books, potted plants, or even action figurines if your kids would love to display their collection proudly. They come in different shapes and sizes. They also come as corner shelves and center shelves. 

These again free up your floor space, effectively using the wall spaces. These are easy to assemble.

9. Foldable Study Tables

study tableEvery foldable design is an effective way to utilize small rooms. They are many foldable wall-mounted ideas like ironing boards, multipurpose wall hanging-table and etc… One such for your kid’s room is the foldable study tables. These wall-mounted tables can be pulled and set when in use and can be folded against the wall after usage. This can be used as a study table, activity table, or even dinner table in the kid’s room. This helps you save a lot of space.

10. Bamboo Open Hanging Closet

These kinds of open hanging racks make the room look so chic and organized. This way the kids will learn to keep their clothes neat and put everything in its place and not throw or dump their clothes and items all around the room.

11. Wooden Floor Shelves

These kinds of open wooden shelves set on the floor can be used to organize the kid’s books, toys, and all other stuff. This type can be used for older kids, who can access their things easily.

12. Corner Furnishing

The corners are the less-used spaces of every house. Using the corners for furnishing makes the rooms look big. They are many corner furnishing design ideas like corner beds, corner wardrobes, and corner study tables that would make the room spacious for your kids.

These are readily available in the offline and online markets and also can be customized made.    

They are many innovative ideas that can be put to use along with these corner furnishing to make the room modern and spacious. You can put up an attic bed over a corner study table with the wardrobe made beside the study table. This will fit the entire furnishing need to the corner, making the room wide and vast for the kid.

These furnishing and design ideas would put your kid’s room to best use, maximizing it for their usage.