Black Rice Palm Jaggery Halwa

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Premium Black Rice (Kavuni Arisi): Taste the allure of Forbidden Rice, a nutrient-rich supersnack with deep color and rich history.

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Premium Black Rice (Kavuni Arisi)


Taste the Forbidden Rice – A Nutrient-Packed Superfood


Unlock the extraordinary with our premium Black Rice, also known as Forbidden Rice. Sourced from the northeastern and southern regions of India, this remarkable grain boasts a deep, enticing color, courtesy of the potent antioxidant anthocyanin.

For centuries, Black Rice was a coveted treasure, reserved for royalty due to its low yield and complex cultivation. Today, it shines as a superfood, offering its nutrient-rich qualities to all.

Accessible in specialty food stores, this rice variety invites you to elevate your culinary creations. Delight in dishes like Kavuni Arisi Halwa, a delectable dessert perfect for complementing Kerala-style meals.

Embrace the excellence of Black Rice and enhance your cuisine with this nutrient-packed supersnack.



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