The Unusual Monsoon Guide for Kids


‘Rain rain go away, come again another day; Little Johnny wants to play, rain rain go away….’ Gone are the days when we could afford to say for the rains to go away or even play in the rain without thinking twice. With a high population, globalization resulting in untimely extreme weather conditions, it’s time to reverse the nursery rhyme – ‘Rain rain come on time, don’t wait for another day; Johnny will alter his playtime, come on time and have your say…’

It’s become a routine to gear for the monsoons in the fear of health issues, getting caught up; missing schools, and our kids have forgotten to enjoy small moments the weather provides. So what?? It’s not late…we can gear up, have fun and enjoy this monsoon.

Rain Protection

The first things that ever think about rains are umbrellas and raincoats. Umbrellas are being sold at every nook and corners these days but alas they are so flimsy that they cannot protect against heavy rains and winds. What your kid need is a sturdy umbrella….just picture your grandfather who usually had a wooden-handled sturdy umbrella which doubled as a walking stick too! That’s what you need now when you go outdoors. The small folded umbrellas with strong steel stem which fit in the schoolbags serve the purpose when they go to school.

The only picture that comes to my mind about raincoat is Sridevi’s raincoat in a song of Chalbaaz. May one never match those killer looks but can certainly have stylish raincoats. Pick those with their favorite characters so they never forget taking them to schools and never forget bringing them back. Rain protection is not only for the kids but even for their belongings. School bags nowadays come with a waterproof cover however it always better to carry waterproof drawstring bags for lunch bags and school bags. It would keep their books from getting wet. But always tell them to wait until the rain stops to cycle home.

Back to Mother Nature

With the alarming depletion of water, our next generation might have to face droughts and famine. As a parent and a responsible human, we must offer what we could to do better the situation.
Do you remember the water cycle diagram of your primary school science class?? Water bodies evaporating, the formation of clouds, rains, and back again with evaporation. With such a big civilization, the chances of the natural process being less, a little help from our end goes a big way. Build a good rainwater harvesting option in your house and educate your kids on the importance of saving the water. You can team up with your kids and collect rainwater in small tanks and also make provision for excess rainwater to reach the soil to enhance groundwater levels. This will not only make them realize the importance of water saving but also let them learn about the water cycle in real.

The water collected in tanks can be used for washing the premises, washing vehicles, watering the plants and when doing so get their help and appreciate the work you have done as a family on saving the water. Encourage them to talk about it in your birthday parties and schools so you would start a good change. It will let them have a better life. Carry plant seeds whenever you go out. You can give them to your kids and ask them to throw it out in open areas to grow like trees and plants and talk to them about the importance of trees for the global climate. If you pass by the place later you can take a moment along with your kid and look at the tree your child has grown and can appreciate their deed.

Memories – Old & New!!

Bring out the child in you by playing with paper boats in rainwater along with your kids. Sit with them and make colorful paper boats. I remember making sword ships, sailed boats, pirate boats and tiered boats while I was young with my parents. This will build the bonding with the siblings and help with their creativity. Most importantly the paper boat play will be cherished by them as beautiful memories of monsoon all their life.

Indulge in the yummy adventures….sitting by the window, gather them around and share your nostalgic monsoon memories with a plate of steamy homemade pakoras or bajjis and hot mugs of healthy masala Chais. How can they forget the hot and spicy bhuttas and masala chais without which no rainy season is complete?

Pack for a rainy day

With the untimely heavy rains, it’s no surprise anymore that we along with children can get caught up at a place for a long period of time. What better way than to pack thoughtfully in advance than to get stranded? Run through a small list whenever you pack the bags….a bottle of water, hoods and sweaters for kids, healthy snacks for the kids to munch on, charged mobile and a carry on the charged power bank. If traveling long distances rain gear, emergency medicines and actually the small list is quite big to end with…

Make them a Better Person

Each day, each season, each occasion is a celebration in our life and makes them appreciate the goods they have. Encourage your kids to pass on their blessings to the homeless people, orphan children and elders in old age homes. You can pass on your old but in good condition things or get new useful things to give them. Here are a few suggestions which we feel will be useful for them. Umbrellas, rain gear, heat pads, waterproof bags, blankets, thermo flasks, woolen clothes, over the counter medicines, waterproof torches, books, music CDs, homemade snacks, and anything that you feel might be useful to them to keep them warm in the monsoon.

Mother Nature has blessed us with different seasons and let us enjoy them to the fullest and also return a little here and there to make a difference!