Kids and Their Precious Life

A new trend is been followed for a few months as “90’s Kids”, what it is mainly because? Of course, the reason that the kids miss those lovely days that were enjoyed by the previous generation. There are loads of changes and improvements in life and technologies which are making us miss something. Keeping all this stuff aside, a very big threat for kids now a day is “sexual abuse”.

Most parents in cities, as well as villages, are now afraid to send their kids out of the home. When I and my siblings were kids, I do remember that most of the days we would be in our neighbor’s house, playing in the streets, strolling with neighbors since both my mom and dad were working. We were safe! We were happy! We were enjoying! But why not kids of this generation? 

It’s really a pity to see the kids within four walls always being with toys, gadgets, notebooks, and books. This is the time they can be happy wholeheartedly, this is the time they can enjoy all the little things around them and this is the time they can make some good memories. Sexual Abuse is becoming a major threat now and spoiling kid’s precious life.

What is sexual abuse?

Adult sexual abuse and Kid sexual abuse vary. An adult can protect himself or herself, An adult can say what happened, An adult can understand what is happening whereas, on the other side, a kid does not even knows what is being done to him/her. When a kid is been sexually harassed he/she might miss their own life by not talking to anyone, avoiding seeing others, by ignoring their friends and families. Before a child gets to know about sex and its related things as a parent, we should teach them and protect them.

Good Touch vs Bad Touch

We should teach our kids what is a good touch and bad touch, how it varies from person to person, with whom they should be safe etc.

Good Touch

Good touch is something that is given as a comfort to the kid or anyone just like hanging around their shoulder, patting on their back, touching their forehead.

Bad Touch

Bad touch is something that is done in some ugly manner like touching anywhere like private parts, kissing, pinching whichever touch that is not so comfortable.

Right Time to Teach Your Kids about Good Touch and Bad Touch

All kids are smart enough to think and act as well as react according to the situations and people. But too, our topic of discussion is a little sensitive and so we have to be conscious and cautious while discussing with kids. The mentioned topic has to discuss with kids of different age groups in a different manner.

2-4 years

A few years back, this age group of kids are also almost treated as infants but now society and some bastards are not ready to look at them as parents do. 

As a parent, it’s a parental duty to always keep an eye on the kid wherever he/she goes with anyone at any time.

After going somewhere with anyone even with the father it’s the mother’s task to narrate whatever happened, whom he/she met etc.

Let anyone says like “Momma’s boy/girl”… “Not interacting with anyone”… “Not getting mingled with anyone”… It’s better to keep our baby with us. Prevention is better than cure, this little age does not know what happens. So then people give comments about our baby as introverts, their mental and physical health is more important.

4 – 6 years

At this age, babies know the name of their own body parts. So first teach them about private parts and their importance.

Now teach them about good touches and bad touches.

Next, ask them not to talk or play with any new person alone without any friends.

Teach them to scream or yell with full sound if someone touches their private parts.

6 – 9 years

This age group of kids is a little more mature enough than the previously mentioned kids. To this group teach body parts and private parts with pictures or some toys.

Teach them what would happen if someone touches them.

Ask them whatever happens in schools or tuitions or classes where kids usually go.

9-12 years

At this stage, usually, they have some blind knowledge about good touch and bad touch and how to react.

Now it’s our time to teach about the people with whom they can have a rapport.

At this stage, we have to become so close with them as friends which paves way for them to share everything with us.

12 and above

After 12, we can clearly explain all the issues and teach both boys and girls about their importance in the world.

Both a boy and girl we should say about respecting each other.

We should teach them without any hesitation about all adult-age issues regarding their body parts. While teaching we should say about both boys and girls, so that they can understand about opposite gender’s issues.

We should always have an eye on their friends and other contact details. We should know with whom they are talking, let that be their teachers, friends’ parents, neighborhood, etc. we should have awareness with who they are in touch.

World is a beautiful place to survive but with bad people around. If we want to live a peaceful life, we should be always awakening. Let that be kids or adults, mental health is more important than physical, so let us join together and bring up a happy society.