7 Cherishing Memories To Remember Your New Parenting Journey

Being a new mom can be described as the best ever feeling, yet it can be overwhelming. The new feelings, the fear of failing in mommy tasks, the gush of love, the amazement and admiration at the little bundle in our arms, the loss of sleep, and being in a confused state. One can keep going on with this list.

My toddler just completed 21 months and I feel he is growing up so fast. I still remember my days as a brand new mom, totally clueless about even holding a newborn baby. Now he and I have come so far and I fondly look back to those days, when he was a teeny weeny baby in my arms. If I can give a piece of wisdom to new mothers, it will be this. Cherish those moments with your newborn, I know now how fast they fly off.

You can also cherish your journey in these ways so that you can keep some memorabilia to look at/use in the future.

1. Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Preservation

The main and first-ever connection between a mother and her baby is the Umbilical Cord. That makes sure the fetus inside the womb receives all the nutrition from the mother, during pregnancy. And when the baby is delivered, the Doctor severs this cord. Preserving the stem cell from this life-giving Umbilical Cord is possible and this has become well-known recently. In India, currently, LifeCell offers this service. They will preserve a small portion of the Umbilical Cord and this is actually beneficial, because of the various medical benefits. The stem cells from the Umbilical Cord can be used to treat various types of diseases.

2. Jewellery preserving Breast milk

A special bond for many mothers and their babies is Breast milk. Breastfeeding their baby creates the most precious and memorable moments for the mother. And babies find comfort, warmth, and nutrition in their mother’s milk, which mothers refer to it as Liquid Gold.

Now that bond can be kept forever by a mother, as Breast milk jewelry. A few drops of the milk are preserved and made into pendants, rings, and earrings. This is a good way to preserve a beautiful bond and keep it close to you always by wearing the jewelry.

3. Jewellery preserving Placenta

Placenta that surrounds the fetus during the gestation period, can also be made into jewelry. Post delivery, you can just preserve some of it and it can be used in making pendants or rings. Placenta can be used in an encapsulated form or can be dehydrated and used in the jewelry-making process.

4. Jewellery preserving Umbilical Cord

The ultimate bond cord between the mother and baby need not be just preserved for medical purposes, but a small part of it can also be turned into jewelry like Breast milk and the placenta. A small portion of it will be taken and placed in a piece of jewelry for you to flaunt.

5. Jewellery preserving Hair locks/strands

All of us love baby hair. It is so soft and smells divine. I personally loved playing with and massaging my baby’s hair, I even do now. 

You can preserve these precious hair strands of your little one in the form of jewelry too. All you would need to do is get around 4-6 strands of hair and this can be used with other inclusions (mentioned above) and turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

6. Hand/Feet Cast

Umbilical Cord

Babies have the cutest little hands and feet. We can keep adoring them and kissing them. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep memorabilia of those cute tiny hands and feet? It is now possible. You can make a cast of your baby’s hands and/or feet and even color them and keep them in your baby’s room or frame it and hang it in your living room.

7. Monthly Milestones Cards/ Scrapbook/Banners

Babies have a lot of milestones in their first year or two. It is always a good idea to capture those milestones to look at in a later stage or even gift it to your child once they have grown up. You can find cute cards like these, denoting each milestone, with which you can make your baby pose and take a picture. And there are Baby scrapbooks/milestone books, in which you can paste these pictures. You can find books like these online. Or you can get photo banners and hang them in your baby’s room or living room. You can find this kind of banner online. They not only look cute but can also help preserve such adorable memories of your little infant.