We get excited when we know that our family is going to expand with a pair of feet. There are many things we start dreaming about. When the gender is revealed, the first thing we start thinking about is the name of the baby. Name dignifies the character which we love to possess by our little ones.

The great revolutionary Tamil poet and a linguist – Bharathiyar said, “Yaam arintha mozhikalile Tamil mozhiyai pol inithavathu engum kaanom” which means “Among all the languages I know, I have never seen one that is as sweet as Tamil”. Naming your child in such an eminent language is pride.

If you are looking for pure Tamil yet modern boy baby names, you are on the right page. Here are a few rare and pure Tamil boy baby names.


Aadhan, AathanA Chera King mentioned in the poem Ainkurunooru
AadhiOne who is the beginning to any task, anything
AadvikOne who use to complete work by his uniqueness
AadyanthaThe beginning and the end
AariWonderful and Amazing
AdhiyamanOne among to the great patrons of last 7 philanthropist of Tamil history
AgamaghizanContended person
AgaranOne who is the beginning of all, like the almighty
Agathiya One who provokes honesty, shrewdness and grace.
Agil, AgilanEarth, Ruler of Earth
Amal, AmalanFullness, Prosperity
AmudhanOne who gives the elixir to life whom he belongs or surrounds by
AnbanPerson who shows affection
Andhiran, Andhir, AndhiraOne of the 7 great charitable kings of Sangam age.
Arinjay, ArinjayaMedieval Chola King
Aruma, ArumanLeader, Name in Natrinai poem
AthiganSangam Tamil names
Athireya, AthreyaSage
AthiyanNoble Person
Avira/ AvirthanKing of kings
AzhaezhilOne who is very handsome
AzhaganHandsome man
BagubalanStrong person
BhoganOne who is a sage who made sculptures of god using herbs 
ChezhiyanOne who is blessed and fortunate. It refers to kings of Pandya Dynasty
Dheera/ DheeranOne who is a contented achiever
DhuruvOne who is the pole star; firm in nature; immovable
ElakkiyanOne who attain his goals perfectly
ElavazhaganOne who is handsome, young and vibrant
EsaiamudhanOne who plays music like elixir 
EvviCharitable king
EzhilanOne who is handsome, young, energetic and vibrant
GuganOne who is like lord muruga, one who helped lord Rama
Igambar, IgambaranGod
IlampiraiOne who resembles young Crescent
IlanOne who is young, and energetic
IlanchenniYoung king
IlavenilOne who is brilliant, spring and youthful by nature
Imaya, ImayanOne who has boundless energies, refer to Himalayas
ImayavarambanTitle name of a famous Chera king Neducheralathan, denoting his region is till himalayas.
InamudhanPerson who is Sweet like elixir
Iniyan/ iniyavanOne who is pleasant natured
InkuralThe voice, one who is having a divine voice
InmuganHandsome, sweet face
InmugizhHappy Sky
InnilanSweet Person
IravanKing of Ocean
IyazhForm of art
KabilaName of a saint. 
KanguOne whose heart is as pure as fire
Kani, KaniyanA Fruit, sweetness. One who is as sweet as a fruit
Kaniyan poongundranTamil philosopher of Sangam age, who is the author Puranaanooru which has the famous quote "Yaadhum oorae yaavarum kelir". Influential revivalist of sele-respect movement.
KarkiPeacemaker, One who resolve any problem and bring peace
KarunaOne who is kind, compassionate, merciful
KavicharanAdmirer of Poems/Art
KavineyaOne who loves poems
KirthikOne of the names of lord Muruga
KirubaOne who shower the grace of god
KomaanThe King
KomaganThe Prince
KomuganA king face
LingaA symbol of divine generative energy, symbol of lord shiva
MaaranOne who is brave and stupendous as  knight
MaariOne who is pure and majestic as rain
MaayonOne who is magical
MaghibalanKing of Sangam age, Birth place of Kaniyan Poongundran
Magizh, Magizhan, Magizhthan, MagizhnanOne who creates and spreads happiness, rejoice
Maiyuran, Maiyu, MaiyurPeacock like beautiful person
MathuranOne who is capable of mesmerizing others by his handsomeness
MayilanOne who is as beautiful as a peacock
MiliranOne who is shiny
MithranThe Sun, One who is friendly in nature also as bright as the Sun
Mozhi maaranBrave Scholar
MuruguOne who is beautiful, name of lord kandha
NaamaganOne who is astounding in his speech
NaavalanOne who is an awesome orator, well versed in arts
NalanA smart person
NavirPeak, highest
NavizhKnowleged Person
NeebanLord Murugan
NeenithiGrowing Wealth
NethiVery rare tamil word meaning wealth mentioned in Natrinai
NibunanOne who is versatile in anything he does
Nikar, NikaranOne who is bright like light
Nikhinth, NikhinthanA sangam age poet
NilanOne who is handsome like a moon
NilavanOne who is as handsome like a charming moon
Nimal, NimalanLord Shiva
NirmalanOne who is the Supreme, immaculate person
NithilanOne who is brilliant like a pearl
PaariName of a philanthropist who gave his chariot to the jasmine plant to climb
ParidhiHalo about the sun or moon, The sun, Light, lustre, radiance, brightness, Sun brightness
Pegan, BheganOne among the last 7 great patrons / philanthropist  in Tamil history
PerunarkilliA good King
PiraisoodanLord Shiva
PoonkundranSeeker of wisdom, One of the names of lord Murugan, one who oppose bad stuffs as strong as a hill and accepts good deeds as soft as flower 
PorkhoGolden King
Pozhilan, PozhilAn handsome person
PriyanA loving person indeed
PugazhFame. One who is capable of being famous by his actions
PunidhanOne who is blessed
PuraviOne who is agile like a horse
SamaranPeaceful humanitarian
SembiyanAfter the respectable Chola queen Sembiyan Maa Devi
SenthanName from Ponniyin Selvan
SeyyonLord Murugan
SibhiA king
SiddhanOne who born with supernatural powers and capable of performing miracles
SorkhoKing of words
Sudarvel / sudarOne who is good looking, having beautiful mind, dazzling appearance
SukhirShiny and Polished
SukraOne who is capable of making heaven in wherever he reside
TamilnesanOne who loves Tamil language and think of it like heartbeat
TheeranBrave Person and one who will achieve more
ThirumaganOne who is blessed with the wealth
ThithanA brave warrior Chola King who ruled Uraiyur
Udumban One who is determined and well focussed in his goals
Uthiyan, UthiChera king, Father of the famous Chera King Neduncheralathan
Vairav, VairavanStrong like diamond.
VallavanOne who is resourceful and skillful
ValluvanAuthor of incomparable Thirukkural
Vasi/ VasiyanOne who is capable of grabbing the attention of others
VedhaOne who is faithful and pious. A person having sacred knowledge
VeeyanRich, Little boy
Vendhan, VendhKing, One who is as wise and majestic as a king
VinnavanOne who came from the sky, Good natured like God
VinnavanOne who belongs to sky
VithunLord Krishna
Viyan, ViyaanBig Person
ViyasaOne who is chief of all, an honest person. A sage who wrote Mahabaratha 
YuganLord Muruga
YuvanOne who is young , energetic and vibrant

Tamil heritage is rich with the Tamil Kings ruling all over India and around India. A Japanese Proverb says “Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names”. Let the future generation carry the legacy with these unique Tamizh names through which we can express our pride and culture to our successors. By this way, we will get an opportunity to say ancient history to our kids who will carry that to their next generations!