Once your little bundle of joy has arrived in your hands the next big milestone moment is choosing a name for your baby. Parents will tirelessly hunt, making a long list of preferred suggestions from family and friends. Choosing one from it is quite a crucial decision for a parent as that name becomes their future identity and will be carried throughout their kid’s life. So there lies an utmost responsibility in choosing a meaningful, unique name sticking to your family tradition and culture.

Malayalam is one of the ancient classical languages with a major part of its vocabulary derived from Sanskrit, Tamil, and Portuguese. The language is known for its diverse vocabulary and hence displays unique meanings with the names. We have compiled an interesting list of unique Malayalam baby names with their meanings to make your job easier.

1 Aabha Girl Lustre
2 Aadhrithi Girl A stalwart woman
3 Aadrika Girl Strong and sturdy
4 Aami Girl Dear or loved
5 Aanchal Girl A girl providing shelter to needy
6 Aanya Girl Women with grace of God
7 Abhilasha Girl Desire
8 Abhiprithi Girl Full of love
9 Abhisarika Girl Beloved
10 Agrata Girl Leader
11 Alisha Girl Protected by God
12 Amal Boy/Girl Hope
13 Amoda Girl Happiness
14 Amshula Girl Sunny or Influential Person
15 Anchita Girl Honored 
16 Ankita Girl Dedicate or distinguished
17 Anveeksha Girl Meditation
18 Anvesha Girl Curious
19 Anvitha Girl Ray of light or one who bridges the gap
20 Arunima Girl Glow of dawn
21 Athmika Girl Light of god
22 Bageshri Girl Name of raga
23 Bhanuja Girl Signifies river Yamuna
24 Celina Girl Heaven
25 Chakrika Girl Goddess Lakshmi
26 Chavi Girl Reflection
27 Dani Girl Kind and merciful
28 Gamila Girl Gorgeous
29 Harshada Girl One who brings happiness
30 Harshal Girl Glad
31 Hita Girl A lovable girl
32 Jeevika Girl Water
33 Jiya Girl Beloved or sweetheart
34 Jyotsna Girl Moonlight
35 Kalpita Girl Imagined
36 Kaumudi Girl Moonlight
37 Keshini Girl One with long hair
38 Kumud Girl Lotus flower
39 Mahima Girl Greatness
40 Manjari Girl A bunch or collection
41 Mehek Girl Fragrance
42 Parina Girl  Fairy
43 Parinita Girl An expert
44 Pracheeta Girl Origin or starting point
45 Pradeepta Girl Glowing
46 Prafula Girl Blooming lotus
47 Rajisha Girl Moon
48 Rajivini Girl collection of blue lotuses
49 Ramila Girl A lover girl
50 Ramita Girl One with a pleasing personality
51 Reeneka Girl Beautiful like a song
52 Reman Girl Calming and sweet as a song
53 Tamasvini Girl Night sky
54 Tanisha Girl Ambition
55 Tejal Girl Radiant
56 Trishala Girl Mother of Lord Mahavir
57 Trishna Girl Thirst
58 Udvita Girl A river filled with lotus
59 Umika Girl Goddess Parvati
60 Utpalini Girl Water lily
61 Varanya Girl Best or most excellent
62 Varuni Girl Rain and infinite
63 Vidhula Girl Moon
64 Yadana Girl A precious gem
65 Aadesh Boy Order or command
66 Aadil Boy Righteousness
67 Aadish Boy Wise or intelligent
68 Aardik Boy One who is affectionate to fellowmen
69 Aatreya Boy A famous sage
70 Abeer Boy Fragrance of rose
71 Abhay Boy Fearless or courageous
72 Abhaysimha Boy As brave as a lion
73 Abhinav Boy New or special
74 Abhineet Boy Perfect
75 Abhinivesh Boy Desire or wish
76 Abhivanth Boy A royal salute
77 Adwin Boy Artist
78 Aiden Boy Fiery young man
79 Ambar Boy Blue sky
80 Aryan Boy Honorable king
81 Bhusan Boy Ornament
82 Bijoy Boy Victorious
83 Chaithan Boy Perception or intelligence
84 Chaitran Boy Bright and clear-minded
85 Chandramadhav Boy Sweet
86 Chandresh Boy Lord of moon
87 Charudutta Boy Born with beauty
88 Chirag Boy Lamp or light
89 Cyril Boy Master of lord
90 Daivat Boy One who possesses the heart of god
91 Darshak Boy A spectator
92 Dharesh Boy Lord of lands
93 Dhaval Boy Fair child
94 Dheeman Boy Intelligent
95 Hemang Boy One who possesses the golden body
96 Hemant Boy Winter signifies Lord Buddha
97 Hriday Boy Lord Vishnu
98 Idhanth Boy Bright or luminous
99 Ilesh Boy Lord of earth
100 Indeevar Boy A blue  lotus
101 Indranil Boy Lord Shiva or gemstone turquoise
102 Ipsit Boy A desirable one 
103 Iravan Boy The ruler of oceans 
104 Jatin Boy Denotes lord shiva
105 Kanishk Boy An ancient king who followed Buddhism
106 Kashyap Boy A famous sage
107 Manish Boy Lord of mind
108 Mihir Boy The sun
109 Mitesh Boy A man of fewer desires
110 Naman Boy One who commands respect
111 Nilesh Boy Name of Lord Krishna
112 Niranjan Boy One who is simple, Full moon night
113 Nirav Boy Silence
114 Nivrutti Boy Separated from the world/ feeling of  bliss
115 Nripendra Boy King of kings
116 Ojas Boy Energy/ enthusiasm
117 Omkar Boy Mystic sound of the Hindu mantra
118 Pranal Boy A waterway or creek denotes God
119 Prayaag Boy The confluence of three rivers.
120 Ratin Boy One who is blessed with happiness and love
121 Redan Boy One who has a lovable heart
122 Rithin Boy Rich and victorious in war
123 Riyan Boy Doors of Heaven King
124 Sadesh Boy Pearl
125 Saharsh Boy Brave
126 Sahil Boy Leader or ruler
127 Salil Boy Water
128 Samyak Boy Enough
129 Sanchit Boy Collection
130 Shardool Boy One who is as brave as a lion
131 Shrinay Boy Lord Ganesha
132 Shrithik Boy Lord Shiva
133 Snithik Boy Master of justice
134 Sreevar Boy Lord Venkatesha
135 Suhruda Boy Good-hearted
136 Sushruth Boy A man of good reputation
137 Sushrutha Boy Son of sage Vishvamithra
138 Tanmay Boy Absorbed or engrossed
139 Tapir Boy Holy and chaste
140 Utpal Boy Beginning
141 Vagindra Boy God of speech
142 Vedhant Boy Ultimate Consciousness
143 Vipreet Boy Unique 
144 Vireshwar Boy Lord Shiva
145 Vishalpreet Boy Blessed with a pure heart
146 Vishravas Boy A wise thinker
147 Vishvag Boy Lord Brahma
148 Vishvesh Boy Lord of the world
149 Vishwatma Boy Universal soul
150 Yashas Boy A famous person

A name is a way a parent looks at and loves the child. A name, which starts as an identity for a person, travels along with them to all heights and becomes an inspiration when they achieve. There can be some names but never can be the same personality.