This is a question that pops up in every parent’s mind. Everyone wants to be a better parent. But are you? You are, the moment this question popped up in your mind. These tips will help you bond better with your kid and raise a self-reliant kid.

Nothing you teach them is more important than the love you give them.

Being a parent we wish to raise our children happy, healthy and well mannered. A home is a place where kids learn a lot from an early age. Shaping the children lies in the hands of their parents and the objective is to get into a simple relation with them. They need a nurturing bonding with us and we as parents can do that by accompanying them with a simple routine of day to day life.

Your time means a lot:

Kids live in a world of questions and imaginations. They need someone to listen to their stories and answer their silly questions and as a parent be there for them. Listening to them would mean them a lot and will make them self-motivated. It connects them to you and builds a deep bonding. At dinner, ask them “How was your day?”, “What was the best part of today that made you happy?” It will let you know about them, their problems, their happiness, and much more. Suggest and help them. Share about your day that makes the kids feel important in your life.

A pinch of encouragement:

Feeling supported by the family builds the home and make the kids trust in themselves. Kids will have a lot of interests and talents. Parents should find their passion and talent and encourage them to build it up. Creating a sense of support would make them shine. Never just celebrate their achievements but be compassionate and encouraging in their failures. Failures teach more about themselves, the world and you to them than achievements do, support them through it. Never let your kids feel alone and broken. Be a leaning shoulder, a compassionate but true critique, and buddy, and let them grow and believe in themselves as good people who can do good things. It builds their perseverance. They will put themselves together when broken and will become independent, compassionate and self-sufficient.

Have Fun Together:

Parents look to keep their kids very well-behaved and obedient. They focus on correcting the children in all ways. Though it is a part of their growth, doing this the whole day puts children in stress and frustration. Allow the kids to have fun. Join hands with them in fun activities and crazy moments. Show them to live their lives and make memories. Don’t shy away from showing your fun side, fear not that they might never respect you, being true and yourself with them makes them love, respect and trust you better. It will also let them embrace their shortcomings and mistake and make them comfortable in their own skin.

People over Gadgets:

In today’s world, Kids get to connect with gadgets more than humans. This is because they feel that mobiles, laptops, and i- pads entertain them more than humans at home. We are responsible to make them feel otherwise. Choose a friendly neighborhood, get out often for walks and chats, interact with your neighbors and participate in nearby events. This would teach them to put people over gadgets, keep them occupied, and build their social skills. Avoid over usage of technology at home and have more family time to have the kid feel happy and important. Any kid who is given more importance at home gets more involved with their parents. Parents should always keep in mind that they learn more by the eyes and less by the ears. Set an example for your kids.

Dirty Clothes doesn’t matter:

Let the children jump in the muddy poodles, goof up and enjoy their childhood. Giggle with them, film the goof ups, laugh it away with them and be a part of their fun. Messy tees with flour and spices aren’t dirt necessarily rather they are memories of their childhood; let that never be robbed away from them. Share your funny memories with them. Don’t picture yourself a perfect person to them. Mistakes would connect them to you. Let them see you as a person beyond a parent. It brings you close with the kids and helps them open up with you. It reduces their pressure on being perfect and lets them accept the world with its ups and downs.

Hugs and Kisses make them bloom:

Studies say that parental physical touch relieves stress in the children. Young kids love to cuddle with their parents. Starting the day with a lot of hugs and kisses gives them a fresh day every day. Create a connection with the kids by making eye-contact, patting their backs or playing with their hair. Hug them when they are worried and scared or sending them off to school.

Mutual Respect matters a lot:

We sometimes end up being a boss at home, instead, get to know your child and value them for who they are. Kids tend to give different opinions than their parents. Listen to it genuinely without getting angry or upset. Sometimes or ego might stop us from accepting that they know better and have a better idea than us, but be matured and get proud of raising them. Allow the kids to present what they have in their minds. Always keep up the promises made to them, do everything you can to fulfill the promise made. This makes the kids trust the parents and creates a strong bonding.
Remember they are little adults with the same emotions as you. Respect those emotions and never belittle them. Don’t thrust your opinions and expectations on them, instead have an open mind around them, you will be surprised with their vivid ideas and thoughts and their respect for you. Give your 100% when you spend time with the children. Give them your time, love, and space.

Behind every young adult who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.