7 Must Watch Fantasy Movies with Your Kids

Watching movies with your kid, without a doubt is a great relaxation and stress buster. Kids get excited when you sit next to them, watch their favorite fantasy movie with popcorn and have a fun time together. This not only bonds the relationship, but it also makes you feel happy and is one of the great ways for organic life. Let’s see the “must-to-watch” fantasy movies with our kids. These movies are available in online streaming apps like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney Hotstar.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

It is an inspiring and emotional Disney movie on betrayal, love, and hope with a happy healthy ending. It is a story of a fairy, betrayed by her lover, turning into a dark angel and cursing and hurting her beloveds. But in the end, she eventually builds a motherly bond with the child she cursed and starts loving her dearly. 

It beautifully portrays the pain of backstabbing and how heartbreaks change people. It also illustrates that accepting and forgiving our beloved one’s mistakes is the best way to heal oneself.  All these life traits to learn will be grasped by our kids in an easier way by watching this movie.

The special emotion the movie puts across elegantly is the Mother’s love. It explains how irrespective of who you are, whether a human or a fairy, motherhood, and the irresistible love and care it inculcates in us is magic. Being a mother of two kids, being able to connect better with the mother in maleficent and her unconditional forgiveness and love.

The Good Dinosaur

Arlo, a tiny and timid Apatosaurus, loses his father and his way to home in his quest to find Spot, a cave boy. How Arlo returns back home by coping with his father’s loss, with the struggles he encounters to reach home and the new friends he makes in the long journey keeps us gripped throughout the movie. The good dinosaur is a lesser-watched gem that is most liked by kids. It is a fantasy movie where humans and dinosaurs co-exist. It gives lessons on dealing with the loss of a beloved and perseverance. 

When Arlo lost his dad, I felt sad but he left a good message not only to Arlo but also to me as a parent. We also must help our kids to come out of their fear. 

It illustrates the beauty of friendship and shares a message that a good friend right by your side will make everything possible. The spot is the favorite character of my kids and, he not only makes the kids grow but also makes parents watch and learn. Definitely, children will understand that there are many “Spots” surviving all alone in this world and being self-sufficient. This movie is going to hit you on your emotional nerve and would let you see the good in people and situations in a scary world.


A great movie to watch with kids and a fun film for adults too. A talent-gifted girl, who was unappreciated and not taken care of by her parents and brother, at last, adopted by a teacher who understands her well. This is a great movie for parents, about how we should not be at home and even at work. A movie, as well as a storybook, deserves the good. This story was included in my kid’s syllabus, so I got a chance of reading this book.

Matilda did the best prank on the family too, must watch with kids and have fun.

The lion King

The young lion Simba was loved by adults too. whatever, with the help of Nala, Simba is drawn back into a battle with a scar to take his rightful place as the king of Pride lands. kids easily learn how to read others from this kind of Disney film. Both kids and parents will fall in love with background music and amazing animation while watching this movie together.

Charlotte’s Web

A delightful story for the whole family. The main thing to observe is the best thing may go but lives in our hearts. The movie has a great message for all, never break promises, and always help friends in need. Sure, you will feel like a kid again, if you watch this movie with your kid. This was also included in my son’s syllabus, got a chance to read the whole book and they never changed the line from the book to the movie.


This movie delivers a lot of messages like self-control, being different from others, and so on. Even adults fall in love with the pretty characters Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. The songs are so good with deep meaning and so catchy for all ages. Sisters’ bond, how they care caring each other and sacrifice each other and love each other are delivered in an amazing manner. Even kids learned up all the songs from this movie. It’s good to watch it in the theatre with our kids. Even I too enjoyed with kids singing the song “Let it go” and my daughter loves to dance to it.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a joyful movie, with a happy ending with a message of how over-protectiveness from the parent side will repel and how a kid fish believes in himself, anyway, all need parents. While watching this movie along with the kid, I too felt upset at the time of Marlin’s wife’s death.so, when we watched it again, we started to watch after the death of Marlin’s wife. All characters in this movie are lovable and my kids want to keep the aquarium after watching this movie. I too tried and it was not worked out well for me. The musical score was loved by us, still, remember the sound of the music.

Hope you may enjoy this reading and gives you a clear idea to watch this kind of movie with kids again and again. It’s better to watch these movies with kids instead of wasting time on serials that do not teach any good lessons for us. This great movie not only brings happiness, but also love from our kids which we want more and more.