10 Tips to Improve your Relationship with your Teen Kid

Parenting is not just about the upbringing of the child, but also about learning from the children and understanding them. Sometimes as a parent, we realize our kids know things that we don’t know or don’t see. Every phase in a child’s life needs a different approach to attention and care. Among all the phases, the teenage is the most important in both parent and child’s life.

Adolescence is a fragile age that should be addressed with utmost care. In this stage, not only should the teen grow but also should the parent along with the child for a healthy relationship. If the teenager is addressed with understanding, the entire life will be an awesome one, and the bonding will be great.

These tips will help you improve your relationship with your teen kid.

10. Engage in Learning Something New

teaching kids something newAn old saying goes as an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. These are true words. Engrossed completely in the studies gets the kid bored. It makes them physically present but mentally uninterested and idle. Learning something new keeps them occupied and active. As a parent, when you discuss with them their learning, it encourages them. It ensures your attention over them and that they aren’t alone.

9. Relationship with their Friends

We should have a good rapport with our kid’s friends. So that, when their friends talk about us, our kid gets closer to us. It also helps us get closer to them by knowing more about them from their friends. You would be recognized as friendly and easily approachable by your kids. Our child will open up to us and we can keep an eye on their friend circle. 

8. Follow them but don’t Stalk

As a parent, we may always want to have an eye on our children. It is good to be informed about what he/she is doing or going through in their life. It will help us to guide them. On the other hand, don’t be too protective, trying to note each and every action and second in their life. Remember your kid is a young adult and respect their space. Be clear that you are not stalking them and making them feel constantly monitored, intimidated, and embarrassed.

7. Making them Realize

When our kid is in a puddle it is a natural urge for us to help them get out of it. But how we make them get out of it is important, not only for our bonding but also for them to become independent. We should make the kid realize the situation he/she is in. Talk to them and make them think about how they landed there and what might happen. Help them when they brainstorm to find solutions to get themselves out of it.

6. Physical Health

Adolescence is an age when their physical health needs extra attention. Since this is the stage they attain puberty. Their hormonal change may cause mood swings and physical weakness. We should patiently teach them about their body and the changes that they might experience. Talk to them about sex. Let them not be misinformed by other sources. We should also talk to them about the importance of physical fitness. Encourage them to do yoga or exercises along with you. This would improve your relationship with them and they would have adopted a healthy habit for the future. Educate them about the essentiality of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle.

5. Sorting Problems

solving kids problemSpend time with your children as much as possible. Talk about the various happenings in various stages of your life. It will help them see you as an individual besides a parent and they may even connect themselves with you. It also gives the learning for life and makes the child bold enough to face any difficulties. It encourages them to share their problems and approach you without any hesitation. It builds their trust in you.

4. Encourage them to Save

Teenage is an age of imagination and expectation. Talking about the financial reality of your family would make them responsible. Share about your saving plans and finances with them. This would also make them feel important and realize that they are trusted and cared for. This will encourage them to save and spend on what they really want. It is an important insight to be learned in their teens. Let them accompany you to bank or post offices. Encourage them to open an account for their own pocket money. The habit of saving will make them reach heights in the future.

3. Focus on their Interests

Talk, Talk, Talk !!! Yes, we have mentioned it in many places. But that is how you connect well with your teen kids. Discuss and be enlightened about their interests. Being aware of their interests portrays your care for them. It will also motivate them to pursue their interest and let them have faith in their choices.  Talk with them about the pros and cons of pursuing their interest so that they stay informed. Help them to explore more about their interest. We never know when a skill would come in handy.

2. Spending Time

A good relationship begins with good communication. Relationships need to be nurtured with time. Having quality time with your family strengthens the emotional connection with each other. While spending time with your teen as a parent, listen to their interests, friends, and school works and share some funny moments about your college/school days. Be a companion, who appreciates the similarities and respects the differences.

1. Be Friendly

Being your child’s friend doesn’t happen overnight. It only happens when all the above things are taken care of and achieved. Adolescence is like a two-sided knife, we have to be careful about how we behave with them. Because they are learning from us about how to be adults. Be approachable, trustable, and open-minded. Trust them and make them feel included and valued. They would eventually take you as their friend. This is the main tip every parent should follow. Without this, you can never build a rapport with your kid.

The bonding and trust if built strong in this stage of life between the parents and the children would turn into a healthy relationship for the rest of their life. Patience and understanding are the important traits that parents might need to travel along their child in their teenage!