10 Benefits of Raising your Kid with Pets

Animals are the most innocent creations of God. We as humans can learn a lot from them. Many of us may have fond memories of growing up with our pets. Growing up with a four-legged friend improves the mental and physical development of your kids. Studies prove that your kids have a positive impact on the emotional bond they share with their fur mate.

Partners in Crime

Kids are naughty and playful. They love some companionship always. Parents or siblings can be their best play partners. But in this busy world, we all have different schedules so we cannot always engage our time with them. What is better than having a furry friend, the best crime partner with whom your kid can make memories for life.

They won’t feel lonely and left out. They can have fun with their fur buddy while you can be assured that your child is having an amazing time with his/her best buddy. You and your baby can be relaxed and stress-free.

Sharing is caring

This is an important life lesson every child should learn. In this modern age, most of us have only one child and we pamper them so much that they forget the meaning of sharing. This will affect their future when they step out to face the challenges life has for them. They will easily get irritated and depressed when they are asked to share. Children who have pets at home learn to share and care in a fun way. They learn to love and compassion which is very important in today’s world.

Your kid learns to share his yummy snacks, space, and favorite toy with his/her fur brother. As parents, this will be the best gift you can give to your child. Why are you waiting, get ready to adapt your four-leg companion.

Unconditional love

Kids grasp every minute detail they see and reciprocate the same. A pet, in most houses it’s a dog or cat, is a symbol of unconditional love. Dogs don’t expect anything from you but they will even sacrifice their life for you. They stay loyal and faithful no matter what. This is one of the beautiful things about dogs.

Cats are naughty buddies who care for their little human buddies a lot. Most pets feel protective of their humans. Your kid is more likely to note these traits and learn them. These traits will make the world a better place. The child will learn to be loyal, faithful and truthful. They will also give back love unconditionally to the world.

Responsible kids, A Better World

Responsibility is built from home. To be responsible for oneself is everyone’s duty. Only if you teach your kids how to be responsible at home they will be responsible everywhere be it in a relationship or as a colleague or as a citizen tomorrow. As they grow, they will need to multitask and take care of themselves, their dependents and their environment. They may be caregivers in the long run and we as parents need to educate them on the value of being responsible.

You can give them the duty of feeding, bathing and cleaning your pet. In this way, they learn their duties well in an interactive way that paves way for their bright future.

Cozy sleep partner

Having a sleepover with a friend every day is fun right? Your kids will have a cozy sleep partner with whom they can cuddle and watch a movie on weekends. They will have a super soft sleeping partner with them all night. But again raising pets with kids is always about kids but also about pets.

Make sure to know if your kids are comfortable to sleep with your kids. This empathy will also be learned by your kids. When both the human kid and fur kid love to sleep together, you can notice that they both sleep. When both sleeping in a separate room, they both will have someone with them to protect them all night. Good sleep in turn gives them an active more rejuvenated morning. Kids, who sleep along with the pets, rise up earlier happily.

Keep your kids active

We live in an era, where technology has overtaken everything. Children prefer video games and play stations more than cricket, football, or running. This can make them obese, lazy and sick. Increased physical activity helps in enjoying a healthy life for your child. But nowadays, it is very challenging to get the children to go outdoors and play.

But with a loving pet, they would be pulled out more to the outdoors. You just need a ball or a stick or maybe a leash to walk the pets around, yupiee your kids will have a memorable time with their pet. They can go on long walks or play with their soul companion for hours together.

Better Immunity

Studies suggest that infants who grow with pets have a better immune system and are less prone to infectious diseases. They are less affected by asthma or other respiratory diseases. This is the best benefit of having a pet. We all know that health is the best asset. If we can build our body healthy with fun perks, why say no? So yes go get along and goof up with your pets and build your kid’s immunity.

Animals are good listeners

Your teenager would want to share some teenage secrets but may not have many friends. Their fur buddy is all they need. Young adults go through a lot of changes physically and emotionally. They often want to share their thoughts and feelings but are scared of judgments.

Animals are good listeners and best at keeping secrets. You might think pet animals just sit with you. But they can understand your emotions better than a human. Sometimes they understand even if we don’t tell them. They keep an eye on us all the time and there are many inspiring and heart-melting stories of pet animals who have understood health ailments and depression better than humans. They are said to not judge or advice you but if you have a fuzzy cat you will know that you will be judged. But still, you will love it. They just listen to calmly. You can pour your heart out and be stress-free. You can even share your insecurities openly. Why fear when your fur is near?

Kills possessiveness

Most of the kids are possessive at a young age. They want to be in their parent’s world all the time. But while growing, possessiveness is not very healthy for your kid. Pet animals share a special bond with all the family members. They are more like your second child. Your kids tend to treat them as their own siblings. This helps them overcome possessiveness and build a healthy relationship with everyone.

Protects your whole family

Every animal shows its love and protection in their own way. Your dog protects and safeguards your whole family. She will not let anyone harm you or your kid at any time. Cats protect you from rodents, pests, and even nasty people around you. Birds and Reptiles also protect their human buddies in their own way. This makes you feel completely loved and secure. They are also good baby sitter, though not that we recommend yet that you would love when you are busy with your work. You can trust that your family is safe when you have a dog/cat/bird at home.

Nature mother has made us share the world with many fellow living beings. Let’s respect and thank her for these lovely buddies who make our life more fun and happy. Happy FURenting !!!!!!