Things your teenagers go through that damage their brain

Teenage is one such age where parents tend to get overwhelmed when they try to understand the behavior and mindset of their children.  Children probably are expected to get some attitude when they hit their teenage.  Few things get in common usage by most of these age groups around the world. The adolescent years are filled with anxiety, frustration, fear, and other things. They get to be very comfortable only with friends. In such cases, parents should help them to enjoy their children’s teenage and create a comfortable zone. Teens have a lot of stuff that they manage: School. Homework, friendships, relationships, social media, etc. They have to take up a lot of mental pressure in all aspects of life. Here are a few things that teenagers do that will damage their brain’s intensity and how parents should act as a pillar to overcome these things.


“The hormonal changes that occur during adolescence make teens more volatile and more likely to be expressive rather than reflective,” says Dr. Bernard.  Children in their teenage are most likely to be misunderstood by their parents which is a hair-trigger temper to them. Anger isn’t bad but when teens get to go under a lot of anger they tend to hook up with mental pressure and illness. If anger is out of control it may be a mental health issue. As teens, they want to make their own decision and want to be autonomous but parents do not allow it as they feel their child is still a kid. If the teens get to hear a lot of advice, or constantly tell them what to do, or if their decisions are not given any priority, they tend to be outraged. 

As parents, we should be the first to respect their thoughts though they seem to be very young to take decisions. Do not snap at once telling them they are wrong, instead, allow them to do and stay as security around them without disturbing their work. Teens sometimes sound crazy in their words, instead of yelling parents should lower their voice and talk to them in a calm way as a friend, because their emotions are contagious. 

Usage of Gadgets

usage of gadgets

Gadgets are one common thing that all teens around the world are mesmerized with. Technology and teenage are always overwhelming to be understood.  The life of teenagers evolves around their mobiles and laptops. Overuse of these gadgets instantly leads to a lot of health issues. They play online games, use social media, and even learn through gadgets. Apart from health issues teens also get into potential risks like bullying, cyber crimes, getting isolated from the family, and inappropriate relationships. This kind of thing literally adds a lot of pressure to their mind where the teens overthink which even leads to suicide.

It is very important for teenagers to set good boundaries and know the importance of offline relationships in the family. Technology for teens is fun and allows them to do anything but parents should set a limit on their usage not in a strict way instead they should spend quality time with their kids. When parents give more space to teenagers, they get to spend less time on gadgets that help in growing connections with technology in a healthy manner.

Hormonal Changes

Puberty is the name for when the body begins to develop changes. Teenage is the age when a child attends puberty which brings in a lot of changes in one’s body. No longer, do these kids fit into the arms of their parents. They are grown-ups now. No matter who they are, a girl or a boy they will experience the changes that happen during puberty. When the body reaches a certain age, the brain releases a new hormone.  The change in body and thoughts may affect a few teens’ brains. They go under anxiety, fear, and strange changes.

Parents should encourage their children to take part in social and family events as this stage pushes them to stay away from crowds.  Talk to them and give them the confidence to talk about their problems with trusted adults.  Give them ways to handle stress and provide consistent ideas to keep their mind calm at this big stage of life.

Emotional and social changes

During the teenage, there will be a change in the child’s behavior with family, friends, and even society. At this young age, they tend to search for people or groups whom they fit in or are most likely to be comfortable with. They look for independence in taking their own decisions or in seeking attention and they get it only among their friends. Teens get influenced mostly by their friends which sometimes leads the wrong way. At this stage, they think a lot and get to go under a lot of thoughts in deciding what is right and wrong. Emotionally teens show strong feelings, may it be love or anger. They are more self-conscious and spend less time with family. Teens tend to get affected very quickly emotionally which again leads to mental confusion and heartbreaks.

Parents on the other hand should get to know the people with whom the child spends more time, they should know about the friends circle and what are they up to. Give ears to the child’s feelings and parents should be explicit about their own feeling in open.  The child should be taught about relationships, sex, and sexuality.

Research shows that teenagers are at high risk of poor mental health and substance of misuse. Stronger emotions and the difficulties they face to balance these emotions are a reason for their mental issues. It is in the hands of the parents to hold hands with them to overcome these difficulties because only parents know their child best.