Why Immunity?

The immune system is like yet other systems of the body. Be it, the respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, or other systems. Each one goes hand in hand. One cannot function without the support of another. In particular, the Immune system is like a foundation for all the other systems. It ensures that the organs do their role perfectly without flaw.

What low immunity does?

If your child’s immunity is less, the organs in their body are supposed to lag in their responsibilities. Our human body is a miracle. When a particular organ or system is affected, our body tries to correct itself by working hard. At the same time, our body sends you signals to wake us to take immediate action. If your little one’s Immune system is affected, it is more of a chain link. Because, the problem keeps moving from one system to the other, deteriorating their overall health. So, it is high time to keep track of the symptoms, the body signals us without leaving things for granted.

Symptoms your kid has low immunity

Being a parent, it is essential to monitor our children 24/7. It is more of a monotonous job. Because, once we feel they are way healthy compared to a month or two before, they fall sick. It comes as a rotation throughout the year as seasons change, they go to school and play with neighbors, etc. These cannot be changed, but their health can be made stronger by working on their immunity. This guide on what to look for, to know if your child has low immunity will provide insight into where your child is lagging and how to balance them.


fatigue in kids

Some instances may occur where our child may show disinterest in play, studies, and other activities continuously.  As a parent, we may misinterpret that our child is not attracted to it at that point. But, we often ignore the signals they send us, which may be due to fatigue and energy-less conditions. Chances are that they may have a weak immune system. Because at the end of the day, children are known for their energy levels. So, tomorrow do not ignore if your child is low. Because it is definitely one of the symptoms that project that their immune systems are weak.

Continuous episodes of illness

It is normal for a child to get sick once in a month or once in two months. But, when your child is often affected by continuous episodes of flu, cough, or fever, immunity must definitely be blamed. Because infections are at bay for a well-built immune system. Children’s health definitely needs time to come back after an infection. But, within that period if the child is, again and again, falling sick, it is one assured symptom of low immunity.


We may come across Children who have pale skin. When the blood volume is low, they may look anemic, dull, and pale. Immunity building is definitely connected a ton with a good volume of blood. When blood level is low, simultaneously RBC, WBC, and Platelets will be less as well. While White Blood Cells (WBC) and Platelets in the blood does the role of fighting against pathogens. If the blood volume is low, WBC & Platelets will similarly be low indicating a low immunity.


Children nowadays are either obese or underweight. Obese children do not mean as healthy. Another way around, under-weight children do not mean as sick. But, weighted children may suffer from malnutrition or the nutrients may not be absorbed properly by the system. Malnutrition may be a deficiency of essential minerals, vitamins, or iron. When a sufficient amount of needed supplements doesn’t reach the blood, the body cannot fig.

Skin and hair

Often infections are accompanied by rashes. A viral infection mostly ends up with rashes all over the skin. Similarly, white patches appear over the parts of the body when particular types of infection affect your children. It may be HFM, Chickenpox, and other viral infections. Skin and Hair are the organs that specify us when children have low immunity. Because the skin is like a window to health. Infections evading will be identified easily by looking at your child’s skin. 

Similarly, if your children face sudden hair fall, it will always be the infections that act as culprits. They suck the nutrients from the body making the hair and nail brittle. Weak hair is subject to break and results in severe hair fall. Although these are visible factors, the main reason is always little or low immunity behind. Whenever a parent comes across them, it is high time to start building their immunity by providing them with immune-rich foods.

Less or reduced intake of food

This is yet another important phenomenon when less immunity is concerned. Because, a well-feeding kid if suddenly shows disinterest in food, there must be a drop in his appetite. Appetite is good when a child is healthy with the correct volume of blood, good metabolism, and a correct sleep cycle. If the child is healthy, implies that his immunity is great. All these are like a cycle. When anything gets disturbed in the cycle, the whole process gets affected. Because the stomach is where the nutrients are absorbed to reach various body parts. The stomach is like your kid’s second eye. Take care of them too to boost their immunity.

We have discussed various signs that show your kid may have a weaker immune system. Make sure to address them by providing the right proportion of nutrients in their food.  We need to try including carbs, proteins, good fats, vitamins, and minerals on a daily basis to make the organs work properly. If the organs do their role perfectly, immunity will definitely be at the mark. Organic fruits, fresh greens, veggies, millets, seeds, pulses, fiber, and nuts together make a good body!! Because we know,

“Unity is Strength”…