5 New Year Dessert at Your Kid’s Party

Dessert is a bowl of course that is eaten after a feast. Usually, dessert consists of a bowl of fruits or nuts. Dessert is also referred to as candy, junket, sweet, and sweetmeat.

In earlier days dessert was had only after the meal but nowadays in certain countries, dessert is taken before the meal mainly in Europe.

Even though a variety of food is prepared more deliciously, healthily, and colorful, keeping aside everything kid’s favorite is dessert. Since the invention of custard powder and agar-agar, dessert consists of some tasty delicacy food rather than fruits and nuts.

Just to attract our kids, let us see 5 different types of easy and tasty desserts so that they can have and enjoy with their friends at New Year parties.

Carrot Payasam


1. Carrots – 3 or 4

2. Condensed Milk – 1tin

3. Chopped Nuts (Cashews, Badam, Pista) – a few for garnishing


• Wash the carrots well

• Along with carrots, add all the nuts and water. Pressure cook on medium flame

• After 2 whistles, drain the content and grind the content into a smooth paste

• Now in a wide pan, add the ground paste and condensed milk and stir well so that it doesn’t get sticky at the bottom

• Finally, cool it and serve

• You can add some chopped nuts as toppingsNote: If you wish for some more sweetness, you can add sugar.

Mango Pudding

mango pudding


1. Mango Pulp – 1 cup

2. Greek Yogurt – 2cups

3. Powdered Sugar – 3tbsp


• As an initial step, hang Greek yogurt in a muslin cloth for 1 or 2 hours and drain the excess water

• After the curd is drained, whisk it till it becomes a smooth paste

• Now add powdered sugar and whisk again

• After a few minutes of whisking add the mango pulp and whisk again all together

• Transfer the contents into bowls and add some chopped nuts and mango pieces as toppings

• Finally, cool it and serve

Rose Milk Pudding


1. Corn flour – 1tbsp

2. Agar-agar – 1tbsp

3. Rose food color – a few drops

4. Boiled Milk – 1 liter

5. Sugar – 2 cups

6. Chopped nuts for garnishing


• Mix corn flour and agar-agar together in water and let them dissolve

• Prepare rose milk by mixing food color, sugar, and boiled milk

• In low flame, mix rose milk and corn flour content

• Stir it continuously on low flame so that lumps are not formed, after everything gets dissolved, pour the mixture in respective bowls

• After 5 to 10 minutes of settling, add the chopped nuts as toppings

• Chill it and serve

Tender Coconut Water Pudding


1. Agar-Agar Powder – 1tbsp

2. Tender coconut water – As Required


• Boil agar-agar in a low flame, and let it get completely dissolved

• Filter the agar-agar content without any un-dissolved particles 

• Mix both agar-agar and tender coconut water together

• Distribute and pour the mixed content into as many bowls as you need

• Refrigerate it for an hour and serve it

Ice-Apple (Palm Fruit) Rose Milk


1. Ice Apple – 5 pieces

2. Milk – 1 ltr

3. Rose food color – a few drops

4. Sugar – As Required


• Prepare rose milk by mixing food color, sugar, and boiled milk

• Chop ice apples into very small cubes

• Now add the chopped content to rose milk and refrigerate

• Cool it and Serve it

It is quite cool to celebrate parties with our own preparation. Enjoy the New Year with your friends and family with your favourite desserts.