Tips To Encourage Your Child to Practice Writing

The world has become so digitized, that manual forms of doing things have taken a step back. Book reading has evolved into reading E-books on Kindle or a tablet device and even listening to audiobooks. Children these days type faster on phones and tablets than they can write on paper. 

The traditional form of writing is still important, as it is still being followed in Indian schools. As most kids are glued to electronic devices, TV, or video games; we need to make them develop a genuine interest in writing to help their education. We are here to give a few pointers on how to inculcate and encourage writing habits in your little tots.

1. Themed Stationery:

Children usually have one or more favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. You can get stationery items of that specific theme of their special character. Or the theme can be their favorite color, animal, bird, or plant too. That way, they will be eager to use the stationery daily and you can make them practice writing in their themed notebook with the matching pencil/pen.

2. Keep A Silent Day/Hours:

Decide on one day per week to be a silent day for your family, at least for a few hours. During that time, all the communication amongst all your family members must be done only with a notepad and pencil/pen. You can even use sticky notes if you have them. This will be fun and also make your kids practice writing for all their needs. As a parent, you can also get some peace from all the noise they make on a usual basis and give rest to your vocal cords. Keep a reminder on your family calendar for this.

3. Permission Letters:

Does your kiddo have a school trip coming up or a friend’s birthday party? Ask them to write (however they know) a letter asking for your permission to attend that event. You can give them a response letter and also, you can correct the mistakes they had made. This helps to develop their spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

4. Personal Greeting Cards:

greeting cards

If a family member or any of their friends have a birthday or any special event coming up, ask your mini-me to make a personal greeting card using charts, stickers, and the like. Tell them to write their wish for the receiver and also to add a few lines about anything they like to say. This will be a fun activity for them as well as for you.

5. Their Comic Strip/Children’s Book:

Creativity lies within each young one. We just need to tap into it, to make it develop. Why not make a fun activity that encourages both creativity and writing?

Mentor your child and create their own comic strip/storybook. You can give a story outline or they can just follow the storyline of their favorite comics or books. If they are interested in drawing too, they can work on the illustrations for their project. Let them do the writing part, you can assemble and make the final version. Get a digital art cover and make it as professional as you can. This will be a proud project of theirs, you can make as many as you want and stack them up in their room.

6. Make A Story With Everyday Objects:

If you cannot make a comic/strip or book, then pick some everyday household objects and give them to your child. Tell them to come up with a story with a major theme. For example, you can pick any 5 fruits and tell them to make a funny story, giving each fruit a personality. You can also give a problem to solve like a fruit getting hurt and others giving suggestions for it. They should write it down in a notebook, which must be maintained specifically for this activity. You can do this daily.

7. Keep A Common Board At Home:

In an accessible area of your house, keep a writing board or blackboard. Keep the necessary stationery near it. Both parents should also write there and set an example. Make the kid(s) write on it anything that they think of or whatever happened in their school or extracurricular class that day.

8. Keeping A Journal:

Encourage your kiddo to maintain a journal and to try and write at least a paragraph daily in it. It can be a gist of that day’s occurrences or it can be a detailed description. It’s up to the little one as to how much to write. Make sure they carry it even during travel so that they can make a note of the day’s events then and there.

9. A Yearly Scrapbook:


You can get a scrapbook and make your little one create a yearly scrapbook. As they note down what happens daily on the common board and in their journal, they must be able to put together any important events and incidents in their year and create a memory-rich scrapbook. Stick photos, stickers and make it as colorful as possible.

Hope these tips have helped you to motivate your kid to write more and more. Happy parenting…