7 Amazing Women and their Empowering Stories to Inspire your Child

An inspirer gives wings to our dreams and encourages us to move forward towards our goal. Anyone we come across in our life, our parents, our teachers, and our national leaders can be our superhero. A child can be impacted by anyone. Their role models would have been introduced by their parents, or friends, or teachers. Even after they grow and find motivation in different places, a childhood hero might influence their heart forever. Hence as parents, we must be cautious as to who we introduce them to.

People who never gave up after continuous failures irrespective of their gender would leave a positive impression on children. However, if you are looking for women inspirers who broke the stereotypes and succeeded in many fields, to motivate your kids, there are many women achievers who brought hope and cooked up a revolution.

We will let you know some great women who pushed all boundaries and made it to the history that I take pride in looking up to.


Jayalalitha J

An embodiment of boldness, remembered forever by her usual statement of “J.Jayalalitha ennum naan”, she was fondly referred to as “Amma” and “puratchithalaivi”. Raised by a struggling single mother, Jayalalitha started acting when she was 15 years old, playing a leading role in a Kannada film. She was professionally trained in classical music, piano, and various forms of classical dance like Bharathanatiyam, Manipuri, Kathak, and Mohiniyattam. She was talented, fluent in English, and an ardent speaker which opened her world into politics.

She was a calm and composed person, yet a versatile and dominant leader with lots of visionary ideas for the future. One can learn a lot of attributes from such a bold and powerful woman who had male-dominant politics under her feet. But her road to politics was a tough ride. She was publicly humiliated and judged but she never wept or felt intimidated. Rather she challenged them. Her courage and will power made her come back much stronger. One can like or hate her way of politics but can never free themselves from the bold influence she made. She rightly broke gender stereotyping in politics where she once said, “In politics, men think a woman is dispensable. Then try to destroy her existence. But today no one can wish me away politically”.

Hima Das

Born as the youngest of 6 children, poverty and discouragement couldn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. Hima Das was 18 years old when she made history. She was the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in the women’s 400m event at the World U20 championship held in Finland. Her parents worked on rice farms in the state of Assam and couldn’t afford her basic facilities let alone a proper training. Yet she owned 2018 and brought pride to India.

Her coach Nipon Das once said, “She was wearing cheap spikes but she won gold in 100 & 200. She ran like the wind. I hadn’t seen such a talent in ages”. She is a perfect living example to prove that anyone with a burning passion without any background can reach heights. Everything was possible because of her determination and courage. She dreamt big, is humble by heart, and set a path for others by making it possible.


There can be no one in the whole world unaware of Harry Potter and his creator J.K.Rowling. She and her fantasy series have won multiple awards. She has sold more than 500 million copies, making it the best-selling book series in history and her second richest female entertainer in the world. Her inspiration for the story began on a delayed train and she immediately started penning it. But fate had worst in the kitty for her. It kept slapping her face with continuous hardships and failures. In a span of 7 years after just starting to write, she lost her mother, suffered from miscarriage, was abused by her partner, gave birth, divorced, was sacked from the job, and was thrown to the streets with a dependent child. She was depressed and suicidal then.

But at some point in time, she mustered up the courage and continued with her writing. Being a single mother, she struggled a lot but never gave up on her dreams. She took her difficulties as inspirations for the characters of her book. With her determination and persistence, she gave her fans and many kids out there hope and courage to dream. She advocates self-love and donates most of her income to charity to help struggling people who she once was.

Sushma Swaraj

She was India’s one of the most efficient external affairs minister. Sushma Swaraj was a Lawyer by profession and a cabinet minister in the union cabinet for more than a decade. She always worked for the welfare of the common man. Her talent and choice of words made her an outstanding orator. She set the benchmark by reaching out to people in need by using social media effectively. Her response to everyone at lightning speed made her much popular among the masses.

Despite the popularity she had among people irrespective of their political stand, she was humble. She reached to all the levels of hierarchy and inspired us to keep the head light even when we reach heights. She lived and depicted that we need to respect everyone and be humble.

Kalpana Chawla

She is the first Indian-born woman to reach space twice. Even as a child she was fascinated by flying and airplanes. Her love for flying made her pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Aeronautical Engineering. But her thirst was unquenchable. She continued pursuing her dream bagging double master’s and a doctorate as well in aerospace engineering. But still, her curiosity over the big blue skies never stopped.

Although she was born in a small town, she had a bag full of big dreams. She broke a lot of gender stereotypes. She never accepted the rules laid down by society. She fought hard against them to change her dreams into reality. She began her space journey in NASA. She liked poetry, dancing, cycling, and running. Her love for the skies was so big that the sky took her in. We lost a great astronaut, who was ambitious. She died like a hero.

Mary Kom

The 35-year-old female boxer who is known for her 6 times world championship and an Olympic bronze is a true inspiration to everybody. Her patience and perseverance are the secrets of her success.


Being a dedicated mom of 3 kids didn’t stop her from run 14Kms every day. Her social media post saying “Excellence is an art won by training & habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence thus is not an act, but a habit!” explains better about her way of life. She is an inspiration not just for children and also for every mother in the world.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a selfless woman, who dedicated her whole life to make other’s lives better. She served people with HIV, Leprosy, and Tuberculosis. She also received Nobel Prize in 1979 for peace and after her death, she was called Saint Teresa. She was loyal, gentle, kind, patient and compassionate for the less fortunate. She always showered love and wished for peace. She dedicated her whole life to caring for the unorganized and dying people in the slums of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa is a gem of one kind whom we cannot see in the present generation. We as parents should not forget to insist on the importance of unconditional love and forgiveness to our children, as a remembrance of Saint Teresa.