The Social Skills Every Kid Should Learn

Children are like wet sand, they get into shape as we mold them. As a sculptor sculpts his statue, it is the parents who are the sole sculptors of every kid. The People with whom the child mingles, be it the child’s parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and neighbors are those who influence the child. Apart from that, the environment in which the child grows and the situations the child face are the factors that decide who the child will grow to be.

The world is vast and wide, and the child is a part of it. Every child deserves to get a positive, supportive, safe, and secure environment. The best environment is created with the best group and manners. Social skills are essential for a child to build his own village. As parents, it is our responsibility to inculcate good habits in the children right from the early days. Because it is true that habits can make or break a person.

Respect for Every Soul

As elders, it is our duty to make our children respect everyone. Sometimes parents show indifference to our helpers like security guards, a housekeeper, hygiene workers and etc… Everybody deserves respect and as a parent, we must teach our kids to treat everybody equally. It needs to be developed right from childhood days because it is tough to cut a mature tree. Similarly, kids need to embrace everyone equally irrespective of caste, religion, status, creed, gender, sexual orientation and etc… If they start to respect everyone, it continues lifelong and lets them enjoy a bigger village. It will make them better people in the future.

While talking about respecting, children need to be taught to care for non-human living beings like birds, animals, and other creatures. It is necessary to register in their minds that, all creations are from god, and as humans, we have no right to disturb or hurt any living being for pleasure. When children are made to understand that this ecosystem is shared by all living beings, they will love every life on earth for sure!!

Raising a Responsible Little Human

responsible little huma

This is yet another important skill that every child needs to get exposed to. This is in particular more suitable to the present scenario where kids are pampered from top to toe. Being responsible doesn’t mean being “too strict” or “too clingy” parenting. As parents, we need to take charge to make the child understand the importance of being responsible. We are social animals and being responsible for ourselves is basic for every person to have a healthy relationship in the future. It may be small things like closing the tap after using, switching off lights & fans when not in use, flushing the toilet correctly, opting for eco-friendly products, and realizing the value of all-natural and man-made resources. 

The first and most important thing is to replace the things back to their place after usage, tossing the dirty clothes into laundry bags, and hygienic practices. This inculcates discipline and independence. After all, nobody should raise a “grown child” in a relationship.

Compassion, Empathy, and Helping Hands

These are important social skills that make a social animal a human. Empathy would help them understand people. “Charity begins at home” is a popular English proverb. It is often mistaken as; charity to help the person who is around you as first priority. But, the actual meaning is, the habit of practicing charity should begin at every home. It implies teaching the children, and lendingl helping hands to the needy by considering the whole world as their own “home”.

Several World famous Tirukurals also revolve around helping the needy. Some of them are,

“In strenuous effort doth reside

The power of helping others: Nobel pride!”

-means, the thought of helping others is one of the most important attributes of taking steps to self-improvise oneself.

“A timely benefit, – though a thing of little worth,

The gift itself, – in excellence transcends the earth”

-means, a favor conferred in the time of need, though it is small (in itself), is (in value) much larger than the world.

No-No to selfish

Families these days are child-centric. The children are brought up very sophisticated. Since they are getting more than expected, they fail to understand the value of money. We cannot expect such a child to know the feeling of a person, who is longing for an object. 

Also, even between siblings, kids feel possessive about their belongings, denying to share. This is ok within the family, but we cannot think of the child facing the same outcome in an outside environment.  Because if something similar situation occurs in the outside environment say, in a school, the teacher automatically blames or scolds the child for such an attitude. So, instead of making our child face an unfavorable scenario by an outside person, it is better to shape our child right now right here. Because, ultimately Sharing is caring!!

Wait for your turn

kids waiting for their turn

The next most important attribute the present generation of kids is lagging is the absence of perseverance. They want everything to happen right at the moment of their expectation. Greatness and great persons have never achieved such heights without a calm and composed mind. Because, when the mind is not stable, we cannot expect it to wait and listen to what others say.

 It is one of the greatest qualities we want our children to learn from our elders. One has to wait for their turn definitely!! If we cannot be kind and courteous until that, the outcomes might be complicated. So, being calm, kind, and gentle is definitely a skill that everybody cannot master.

“Silence is golden”

Bold & Brave

Children these days often cannot accept failure or loss. They give up so easily that they are even ready to sacrifice their lives. As parents, it is our duty to register in their minds that failures are part of life and nothing cannot be made equal in life. So, start inculcating the habit of telling stories of humans who never gave up even after n number of failures. We can even tell the struggle our parents faced during our childhood days to know the reality of life. Giving up life for marks is not justified is one major thing we need to register strongly in their minds.

With all the above-mentioned skills, we cannot expect a child to change within a day. If we expect a child to behave with all these qualities all at once, we are definitely not allowing the child to be a child. As parents, let us start being the positive change we are to expect from them. 

Take it slowly but steadily!!