8 Must-Haves to Buy for a Newborn Baby

A lifetime of loving begins:

Every time a new baby is born, a new parent is born with extraordinary instincts. The arrival of a new bundle of joy is one of the most awaited moments in a family especially the parents. The baby care journey is exciting, beautiful, and on the other side overwhelming during the early months. The biggest responsibility as a parent lies in making the best choice of products that are safe and chemical-free for our little one.

Healthy, Eco-friendliness, and affordability are the key:

Here are a few essential things that are must-have for a newborn baby to make your journey as a parent easy, sustainable, and affordable!

As Cute As Baby Clothes:

“My Mom spent 9 months to bring me out of her warmth and now she’s gonna take forever to choose my outfit” is a funny mom’s room meme. We also know that is the truth too. Because baby outfits are always adorable and catch our eyes so quickly and hence it makes us difficult to choose. But the most important thing to consider while choosing a dress is it’s material. Because it is going to rub on the baby’s gentle skin hence a lot of attention to the material than the appeal is necessary. The comfort and nature of the material can be determined by touching and feeling the material by hand. You can also enquire about the material with the shopkeeper. Research around your locality to find the shops that provide genuine fabrics. 

The clothes made of natural fibers would be safe and suitable for the baby. Many natural dyed, chemical-free outfits are now readily available in the market which is breathable and convenient for babies. After selecting the fabric, we need to keep an eye on the design of the clothing. Soft clothing without unnecessary embellishments makes it comfortable for the baby. The beaded embellishments on the clothes cause discomfort to the baby and might pose a choking hazard. 

Warmth outside Womb

Been in the warmth of the mother’s womb, the world is new and hard for the babies. Though a mother’s warmth is unmatchable, we can still try our best to keep the baby snug. Being warm keeps them cozy and lets us spend our time happily with our baby. Babies need to sustain their body temperature and protect themselves from harmful infections. Dressing them in layers in winter or using cozy sweaters for their comfort is advisable. Handwoven cashmere sweaters and Organic cotton and woolen sweaters would be the best good-on-skin and durable sweaters for the baby.


The best comfort for the new-born comes from swaddling. Swaddle blankets or wraps recreates the womb for them and helps them sleep better. Cotton muslin fabric is best when it comes to bath towels and swaddle blankets. They are softer and provide a comfortable place to sleep.

Happy Baby Bum

Potty cycles and pee counts call for frequent diaper changes for a baby. Eco-friendly cloth diapers are the best you could give for your baby and earth. They are quite a trend these days. They are not just eco-friendly but also light on your pockets. Since you will need only 60-70 cloth diapers per year, compared to the thousands of disposable ones per year. Imagine saving your baby’s bum from chemicals and earth from thousands of diapers into landfills. You will be keeping your baby and earth healthy. 

Apart from the diapers, another hygiene essential is baby wipes. Many baby brands have a wide range of wipes devoid of harsh chemicals for soft and gentle skin. Carrying away your baby’s essentials everywhere goes unsaid. It becomes easier with the help of a diaper bag unless you love rummaging through your handbag.

Yummy in tummy

There would be times when you need to pump and feed the baby. You can use a steel/silver cup or paladai to feed the baby. Especially if you are a working mom, pumping becomes part of your lifestyle. For some parents, in some scenarios, you may have to offer formula feed. Then baby bottles might become essential. The right bottle can make your baby’s feeding time a relaxing and hassle-free experience. Steel bottles are best recommended for its goodness, affordability, size, and maintenance. A breast pump is a boon for moms who wish to strike a balance between work and new-borns. It serves its usefulness for working moms, moms of premature babies too. The choice of breast pump is totally dependent on the mother and their usage.

Bubbles and Giggles

Bath time is one of the favorites for the baby to nurture their senses, exercise their growing muscles in arms, and their bond between parents. Baby enjoying the bubbles, water splashes and giggling in response is always an adorable sight. Bathing the baby regularly will keep them away from the dirt and help avoid infections and skin allergies. But too much bathing and hard soap with fragrance, dyes, and preservatives might rob away their skin’s moisture and might cause eczema, so it is essential to choose the mild soaps and lotions for their sensitive skin. Chemical-free, moisturizing organic choices for the bathing essentials (Soap, oil, Baby lotion) are preferred. Reading the label for the ingredients is a must before choosing bathing essential for the newborn. Mineral oil, parabens, talc powder, and sodium Lauryl Sulphate are the common ingredients in many essentials that will harm the health and skin of the baby. Go for products with natural ingredients listed on the label with pure vegetable oil, they will be mild on their skin.

Good Sleep; Happy Baby

Always make sure your baby has a safe sleeping environment with a safe cot, safe mattress, and safe bedding. Cradle made from pure cotton cloth with cute cartoons and if necessary with spring support is necessary for a good sleep. Pure cotton cradles make it breathable for babies. A good cradle mosquito net is also essential for the baby. For a co-sleeping baby, a soft baby bed made of natural fibers with mosquito net cover is essential. It will provide soft and comfortable bedding for infants to sleep and to keep them safe from a mosquito. Baby bedding made of cotton and natural products are also a safe and good choice for its easy maintenance.

Baby Medicine kit

A well-stocked medicine kit reduces much of anxiety when a baby is unwell. The baby’s basic medicine kit must have the medicines prescribed by your baby’s pediatrician, thermometer, nasal drops, a medicine dropper, and nail clippers. Always check the dosage and medicines recommended with your pediatrician before administering it to babies. Self-medication will harm the baby always. Newborn babies are prone to colic pain often so it is advisable to get physician advice on prior hand for it.

Comfy on the wheels

Evening walks refresh the babies and let them explore the new world. A stroller or pram or baby carriers will be handy to have a walk or roam out with babies. There seems to be increasing consumer awareness, and many brands are responding to this need by making ergonomic quality strollers that are free of unwanted toxic chemicals. Pure cotton cloth baby carriers and comfortable natural dyed carriers also suit best for the baby strolls. Right baby posture in a carrier is essential while using them, a good tutorial on the usage is a must before using them for babies.

Another important investment in baby safety is a baby car seat which provides enough protection and keeps your baby safe. It is recommended that babies should be seated rear-facing while traveling. Three things need to be considered in buying a baby car seat – baby’s age, baby’s weight and height, safety standards. A new little member always brings along joy and responsibility. When a little bit of heaven comes down to our house, it is our responsibility to take care of every minuscule detail that would caress them and make them feel heaven at home. A cautious parent will make a comfortable baby.