5 Simple Painting Art Forms to Teach your Kids

Colors and drawings are the inevitable and happy parts of every kid. It influences their mind at a very early stage of childhood and travels along as long as they wish. Coloring or Painting improves hand-related motor skills in early childhood, stimulates creativity and it helps kids to express their emotions in a safe environment. 

Though it all starts with the scribbles, as a parent we can teach them different art forms while they grow. Learning makes the kids explore their talents and specialties. It sure has benefits that both parents and kids can enjoy together. Here are 5 painting art forms that are simple yet interesting to teach your kid.


 Rightfully referred to as the “Thinking tool” by Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution, doodling is a cute and fun way to express oneself. Doodling affects our thought process, information processing, and problem-solving according to Brown.

Things Required

  • Marker
  • Colors
  • Construction Sheet

How to Do

  1. In a Construction sheet, start with small doodles of smileys, cartoon faces, and anything that flashes the mind.
  2. Keep doodling throughout the sheet and make a large doodle art that covers the surface with the help of the marker. 
  3. Now the fun part is painting the sections with different colors.
  4. We can also use crayons or colored pencils instead of paint.


“Warli or Varli” refers to the indigenous tribes of Maharashtra. Warli Art is an ancient form of tribal art that uses geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles to depict the tribal life that once adorned the walls of their houses. Jivya Soma Mashe, the father of modern Warli Art is the reason warli art has reached beyond the walls and to urban walls, fabrics, and home decor.

Things Required

  • Dark Coloured Paper(Red,Orange, or Black Base)
  • White soft Pencil
  • Watercolours/Acrylic Colours(optional)

How to Do

To make a simple warli stick figure,

  1. Start drawing an alphabet ‘X’ and join the edges on both ends.
  2. Add a small line on the top to make the neck and draw a small circle for the head.
  3. Finally, draw stick hands and legs. We can fill the figures and make them colorful.


Happiness is always Homemade. Day-to-day things like sand, water, chalk, paint, and play dough make the children’s imaginations run wild. It makes them spend a long time exploring, making their own discoveries, stimulating their curiosity, and developing their knowledge. Soap bubbles are one such exciting play that every kid loves. Bubble painting is a very fun painting form that can be made by blowing colorful soap bubbles onto any medium and creating an art piece.

Things Required

  • Dish Soap
  • Cups with water and Straws
  • Messy Mats
  • Paints
  • Construction Sheet.

How to Do

  1. Lay a Messy Mat. In a half cup of water, mix a generous squirt of paint and dish soap. 
  2. Let the kids blow until mountains of colored bubbles are formed.
  3. Lay the sheet of paper over colored bubbles.
  4. We can repeat it over and over and over again with different colors.


Gonds are the largest tribal community in India that inhabited forests for a long. Traditionally, Gond Art was painted over the mud walls of their houses with natural paints made from soil, cow dung, leaves and etc… It depicted their culture and life amidst nature. Gond Painting is a combination of tribal and Indian folk forms of Painting with repetitive patterns of dots and dashes.

Things Needed

  • Sheet of Paper
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Match Stick or Earbud

How to Do

  1. Outline any animal or bird-like Cow, peacock, deer, or elephant. You can also outline a landscape with mountains, trees, and valleys.
  2. Use double-lined outlines, squiggles, and dots to fill the drawing. Paint it with patterns and colors of your own choice.
  3. You can use match sticks or earbud tips for dots.


We all love marbled papers for writing, book covers, and gift wraps. Homemaking a marbled paper is just FUN.

Things Needed

  • Shaving Cream
  • Water Colours/Food Colours
  • Messy Mat
  • Shallow Containers
  • Droppers
  • Spatula
  • Sheet of Paper
  • Craft Stick

How to Do

  1. To avoid messy tables, lay messy mats
  2. In a shallow container, dish out some shaving cream and smooth the surface with a spatula
  3. Use the dropper to drop the liquid watercolor on the surface of the shaving cream. (can use different Colours)
  4. Swirl the colors with the tip of the dropper to create a marbled effect.
  5. Gently lay the paper on the shaving cream and lift the paper gently.
  6. Scrape off the shaving cream with a craft stick.
  7. Set the paper aside to dry and can repeat over, over and over again with different colors.

What to do with these beautiful paintings done on Paper?!

  • Glue to the front of a blank card and send a greeting or note to your beloved.
  • Cut into shapes and make a seasonal or holiday garland.
  • Frame  the painted paper and display it on the wall
  • Use the marbled paper as a creative drawing prompt

Many art forms are dying a slow death, and teaching any art to the kids will not only let the art live but also will be a skill that might come in handy for the kid when they grow. Try all the above painting forms and have an amazing time with your kids. A child’s journey always starts with colors they look at, and paint the play with but while they grow it sometimes gets lost in time. As a parent, encourage and help your kid to stay in touch with their artistic skill. 

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  –  Pablo Picasso